"Effectiveness, transparency and benevolence"

> As a small agency, Saphir Consulting makes a point in taking care of the client relationship and in offering services that match your needs and budget. In order to achieve set goals, the agency does not accept more clients than it can handle.

> Building a trust-based relationship is also part of Saphir Consulting philosophy. In concrete terms, it means regular contacts (telephone, emails, Zoom…) throughout the mission to monitor progress, fine tune the strategy when necessary and make a mid term stock. 

> In a business world that can sometimes feel hostile, we are firm believers that values related to benevolence do not hinder performance, but boosts it!

Added value

” Over the past 15 years, I had the opportunity to work in the communication/partnership department of a company, for various communication/marketing agencies and as a freelance communication/marketing consultant. These experiences have given me a 360° vision of the job.

With Saphir Consulting, you will receive a personalized approach as well as quality and ad hoc marketing communication services.”

Vanessa Chardon-Laîné, Founder